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Update:- I have updated answers to all puzzles in different categories released so far which includes Variety #1, Variety #2, Clever, Cunning, Witty, Brainy, Astute, Intense, Crafty, Sharp and Tricky. This website is created exclusively to post answers for What’s The Saying? ~ each pic hides a common word phrase! This app is developed by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC who have developed famous games like What’s The Icon, What’s The Picture and Who’s The Celeb. Though this game is no way related to the previous ones it involves identifying the correct phrase that matches the given image. Here is a one line description of the app, you will be shown a picture and you have to identify the correct phrase that matches it. Does this sound easy? Well play and share your views 😉 I will be updating this blog with solution for all the levels, I will also add hints for each level along with the final answer screenshot. You can also contact me with any queries regarding this game. Hope these solutions will help you in solving this game without any problem.

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277 thoughts on “What’s The Saying App Answers

  1. Danielle

    Im stuck on a level where it says the word “important” twice one above another. Help please!!!??

  2. Amy K

    I’m stuck on my android level 176 with the word blue and a lightening bolt coming out of the T in the. I have used 2 reveal a letter hints and the first two letters reveal BO_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  3. july

    I’m stuck on the one with the word record but not in straight line under that word there is a blue arrow and under the arrow is the word record again but in a straight line

  4. adj

    Any clue on this one?

    MAY 5TH, where “MAY” and “TH” are red and the “5” is either black or dark green.

  5. neika

    i stuck on the picture with May a Indian a roman building a Pharaoh and the word king please help its leveol 238

    1. mary

      Hi, i’m also stuck on the level with the five pizza slices stacked on eachother…does anyone know what it is?

  6. Janet L.

    I am seriously stuck on the picture with twin large burly men on the top half of the page and a man in a red convertible with paper blowing out of it on the bottom half of the page. Help please!

  7. mary

    Why can’t i find any answers for levels over 300? They get harder and there is no place to look for answers or help…

  8. Betsy

    Janet the answer is rags to riches.

    Anyone know the answer to the one with the word time in blue with the alphabet below it missing the letter c?

  9. melissa

    Need help on level 223 its the word heart in green then there’s a blue arrow pointing down to the word heart in black

  10. Shelly

    Any idea on the pic that has a sad face on the bottom with a line above it and top of that is a sun, and 5 clouds that are stormy..rainy..lightning? ?

  11. Michelle Carla

    I am so stuck.. The picture has red blue pink black all bendy looking over the word PASS in white.

    Please help. This is level 299 for me.

  12. katie

    Hi im stuck on level 428 its two equations, one says 1+1+1=3, the other says (1+1+1)/3=1 and theres a hand pointing to the second one, both have a line on top?! Help me been stuck for ages ! 🙁

  13. marsha

    Help I’m struck on level 427 with the word Lee on top in a black box and the word Speak and 11111 below it

  14. tiffany

    I’m stuck on the one that has. 1+1Legs hanging from the black line and a boy pulling on one of the legs please help

  15. april

    does anyone know the one it has a ……devil standing in fire with an off switch in a “thinking” bubble???

  16. tina

    Im stuck on the one with a hand writing tension. I know it is writing, but not sure of the second word. Its level 411

  17. Samsamfun

    Does anyone know what the one with the grim reaper with a question mark on him and hes looking at a tombstone that says R.I.P cat means!!!!!???? im so stuck and have been for days. I cant find the answer anywhere. first word is 9 letters, the next one is 6 letters, then 3 letters then 3 letters.

  18. daisy

    I’m stuck..level 566.. it’s the word all.. a then an l with the second l underneath the first. Like a corner. Five words. Help please?

  19. trina

    Im stuck on 128 pic is the word cut nine times. It is written in different font. One of the words is red. First word is three letters second word is five letters third word is three letters fourth word is four letters.

  20. Destiny Princess

    1+1+1=3, the other says(1+1+1)/3=1 and theres a hand pointing to thesecond one, both havea line on top. Answer is……..above average.

  21. Natasha

    What is this… A dog standing up and a dog sitting down. And it’s pointing to the dog sitting down.

    1. jackie johnson

      Did you ever get the answer to the upside down clock on “What’s the Saying”? I’m stuck on this also.

  22. Jason

    Stuck on 232 : the word”Hill” going up is above the word ” waterloo”. Its 2 words both with 6 letters each

  23. Patricia

    I’m stuck on level 327. With the words ; ball , passion, you; then cat, pride, them; then apple, fame, us. But the last two words are underlined.

  24. chris

    what is the ones with the 2 letter i’s touching at the bottom and a hand pointing where they are touching

  25. jade

    stuck on the one with good thing in a square with a small f at the top and small e on the bottom
    on the rite side of it…help plz!!!

  26. bex

    Help! Level 514 …. looks like possibly a tin can with broken string attached and pieces of string placed around it? (Like when you would play or attempt to play telephone by attaching 2 tin cans with a piece of string)

  27. bex

    Anyone know the answer to 538?
    Its the word Here next to a green stoplight and beliw that the word There next to a red stoplight … its 4 letters 2 letters 5 letters ….. (here to there is not the answer)

  28. mona

    I need help witth level 354. All it says is “th i/t em” and I have no idea what it means. Help? Please and thank you!

  29. Brittany

    PLZZ HELP!! ive been stuck on this for days!! all it is, is a picture of money stacked up and the word “fickle” in green letters… PLZZ someone tell me what the answer is!

  30. Lisa D

    Level 472 one with the sailboats with the word relation written on it an two rain clouds with lightning bolts

  31. Sharon

    Could somebody please tell me the answer to this clue. A pair of boots and hands with the word lie in the center. Thank you.

  32. Donna

    What is the one with

  33. Andrea Brooks

    I am stuck on level 222(I have a Kindle fire) and it shows the word Hi and a black circle/dot below it.

    can anyone help


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